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  • Opinion about Polish driving lessons

    gabinet dnia: nie, 07/26/2009 - 04:51

    Polish drivers don’t have a difficulty driving on the left; most of them appreciate honesty and good training. Some have unrealistic expectations, some are SAD. Like a Polish doctor, who works for the NHS. He wanted to know; what was the fastest and cheapest way to teach his son to drive. Do I want to be treated by a doctor with fastest and cheapest training? Do I want to go on holiday in a plane being flown by a pilot with the fastest and cheapest training? Do I want my son to become crap driver or a good one? These are the perceptions people have; a substandard education only, the bit of plastic counts not what you know...communist ideas are still rampant with some people...but a doctor? It beggars belief... very sad.

    I found that each country (I teach many) has its own little differences according to where they come from.

    Poles are not that different from the Brits. I know that all appreciate honesty and integrity (apart from that doctor). I look at the level of understanding people have and make my decisions based on that.

    Re driving; one of the things that needs to change is taking the test after 30 hours as if it’s a decision of readiness to drive safely...some people need 30h some need 300. The examiner fails the ones who can’t drive but they don’t allow the person to drive for the time specified for the test (UK about 40min), but fail them on the first mistake. The person spends the money for the test; yet don’t have the analysis of their driving. How can you improve if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong?

    People don’t trust driving instructors because they think they want more money out of them. Money and materialism seems to drive people in Poland. What you have seems to be more important than who you it changing or getting worse?

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