You have to stay in Poland for at least 185 days in a year because of yours personal / professional relationships or to somebody who can submit a paper confirming that you've been studying /staying in Poland for at least six months.


If not - just SKIP reading !! You are not entitled to the offer. Wroclaw driving schools My website is trying to offer you a wide array of independent information about Wroclaw driving schools and driving lessons for English and German speaking learners. My main goal is helping you choose a driving school in Wroclaw that really suits you. Most of our customers come to Poland for our highly competitive prices. But the real bargain, they couldn't resist, is the effort and skill we give to Driving Tuition throughout Wroclaw area.
We also strongly believe that driver education in our school is also an important requirement to promote traffic safety on the road The school offers a wide variety of class schedules that include morning, evening and weekend classes in English and German with a full customer support team for both.

  • Since 1995 Our Driving School has been the new leading provider of professional driving instruction for teens, adults and seniors
  • In Poland You need to be 17 years and 9 months old to start learning to drive.

Not sure if you are eligible to take this course ? Just send an e-mail to Centralny Kontakt - Contact us Apply for a place at our school and then book your first driving lesson up to three months before your 18th birthday. You could get your driving licence soon after finishing 30 hours of private tuition and with 30 hours of driving practice. ! We have a fine fleet of different new car models , and professional and courteous instructors. We look forward to serving you with the most up-to-date driving school course content. Doctors in Wroclaw Badania na prawo jazdy Wrocław

    1. Hi I'm studying in Wroclaw and i would like to take my driving license, so I have searched and found some information and your email. I was wondering if it's possible and if you have time of course , to get some more information about the driving license, and prices etc. Best Regards
    2. The price is a bit higher than for a Polish student because the learning need a certified English-speaking driving instructor. Dear Dr Krasnicki, I read your note in the website about the support you are offering for contacting driving schools that teach in English.

      Towards this could you please recommend a school which can suit my requirements. I do not speak polish and normaly work till 6pm on weekdays. Hence would be great if you could recommend a school where I can take lessons and apply for the test. Warm regards, I have been working in Poland since June 2006 and do believe that I meet all the requirements. I am from India and have been driving a motorbike in India for over ten years before coming to Poland. Unfortunatly I have not taken a car license in India and hence I am thinking of taking this from Poland. I have been living in Wroclaw for 8 years and have been looking for a place to do my driving license in English on various occasions, since I don´t think my Polish is good enough to pass the theory exam. I would be grateful to receive information concerning the driving school or course you are reccommending, ie: where it is, what the price is, hours of class, etc... Thank you. Best wishes, Dear Mr/Mrs I live in Nederland and i have B category Turkish driving licence. I want there in Polen B category driving licence.Can you help me about this . Only i must say , i dont have not much time maybe total one week, Can i make in one week examination .or If you know another way quickly. How much cost total proces.if you can help me , write me please, and we made a date and i come there.if you have another connections about this things , give me advice. Thank you. Best regards

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